Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Countdown

Here is my attempt at a new Christmas Countdown. 
I put it together while I watched Shark Tank (I love that show) last night.  I finished putting this together before the show even ended!  These days, I like projects that I can get down quick.
 I cut a tag template from cardstock and used it to trace and cute 25 tags (which I realized, I probably should have only done 24, since you aren't actually suppossed to count Christmas day).  I used a taper runner to adhere them to piece of foam board.
 Next, I stuffed 25 sandwich bags with three pieces of candy in each one, since I have three kids that will be eating the treats everyday.
I used a circle punch and scrapbook numbers to make the tags. Then I punched a whole in each number and tied it around the bags with ribbon.
I used large glue dots to stick the bags onto each tag on the foam board.  (I hope this holds up.  If I doesn't, I will staple them to secure each one.)

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